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Utilities Connection Services in Geelong

Connecting Your Everyday Essential Services

Having your essential services organised for you saves you from situations like moving into a new place and having to eat a candlelit takeaway dinner on the floor wrapped in a blanket because you forgot to organise the power and gas.

We find the best deals within your budget for your home and small business organising everything from energy, internet and phone plans to security and merchant services.

We do the work and save you the money.

Essential Services You Use Everyday

Current Services Available


We comb through residential and business plans for broadband, ADSL, NBN and optional phone bundles to have you connected quick as a flash, so the only downtime is you relaxing.


We know the right people and places to secure plans for new mobile handsets, tablets, mobile broadband devices and SIM-only plans to suit you and your budget.


We cut through the crowd of pestering energy retailers to get you access to competitive electricity, solar and gas plans through our industry partner, Click Energy, saving you by switching.


24/7 peace of mind is yours for your home and/or small business thanks to our partnership with ADT Security. We get you exclusive access to security solutions that suit your needs.

Merchant Services

We set you up with a flexible payment platform that works with all the banks, so you don’t have the annoying hassle of switching. The platform enables you to process all payment types (credit, EFTPOS and e-commerce).


We’re business owners, so our ears are always tuned to different ways we can reduce expenses and overheads. We dial up our financial antenna to find the perfect deals for your small and home-based businesses