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Meet Your Mortgage Broker & Money Coach

Hi! My Name is Melinda Mahon; creator of Thrive Financial Solutions

When we’re talking about your finances, you need to be able to trust the person whose hands you’ll be placing your dreams in and know they care about you and your future. I believe that trust begins with getting to know your broker.

So, I’m going to tell you my story and lay everything out on the table. When you get to the end, you’ll know exactly who I am and what I strive to achieve for people every day.

It all started when…

I was working for one of the Big 4 banks where the sales targets were crazy, the opportunities were rare, and I could see the focus moving away from the customer and onto profit-making. Taking away that person-centred approach to banking didn’t sit well with me, so I quit.

I quit when I was the household breadwinner with a 2-year-old son. Bold move, but it paid off (money pun).

I jumped on an opportunity to become a Mortgage Consultant and rapidly went from consulting to becoming the Personal Assistant to five different brokers, learning their lender policies and rates inside out. 10 years later, I made the leap into self-employment as a broker, and I’ve never looked back.

I speak everyday language and take the stress off

Have you ever had a professional whatever consultant talk at you in a completely different language while you sit and nod, secretly thinking “I have no idea what you’re saying… just keep nodding…”

I won’t do that, I promise. I talk to you on a human level and explain all the complicated stuff, so you understand exactly what’s going on throughout the process. No financial jargon. No hidden information.

I comb through the policies, terms and conditions, and all the often-overwhelming things (that sometimes seem like they’re written in a secret language) the banks and lenders throw your way. I take care of all the details and remove that stress from your life, so you can spend more time doing the things YOU want to do!

I’m invested in your outcomes

I know how important finances are to individuals and families. It’s your way of living; your dream; your future. I’m invested (another money pun) in your journey from start to finish, and I fight tooth and nail to get you the best outcome possible. I’ll be there through the ups and downs; through the square ones and the exciting wins.

I even have a signature happy dance!

I’ve been doing this for a long time

I’ve been in the banking and finance industry for over 30 years. In that time, I’ve worked with thousands of people with different circumstances and learnt that no one is the same.

What’s right for you can depend on so many different factors including the size of the home loan you need, your deposit, your employment history, and even your lifestyle and future plans. I help you map everything out and formulate the best game plan possible.

I’ve gone into battle for all my clients and dealt with the obstacles (and sometimes sheer silliness) of banks and financial institutions to come out the other side unscathed and even more determined.

I love what I do; helping people to achieve their highest potential and dreams.

Some fun facts about me

  • I once jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane in the name of charity
  • I’m a serial photo-bomber
  • I have one adopted cat and two crazy staffys (I used to hate cats… don’t ask)
  • I love singing (not very well) and rocking out to songs whilst driving

The professional bits

  • Diploma of Mortgage Broking
  • Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Certificate IV in Small Business Management
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
  • Advanced Course in Mortgage Broking
  • Full member of Mortgage and Financial Association of Australia (MFAA)
  • Certfied Neuro Transformation Therapy Master Coach
  • Certified Neuro Transformation Therapy Master Practitioner and
  • Certfified Timeline Transformation Therapy Master Practitioner


What They Say

Thank you Melinda for your expert advice and for guiding us through this difficult process. I don’t know how we would have done it without you

Elizabeth Macdonell

Melinda helped me with my building loan and couldn’t do enough to make sure everything ran smoothly, checking that the building progress was going okay to getting the claims paid for the builder. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a broker.

Darren Watkins

Fantastic Experience
We can’t thank Melinda enough for helping us to get back into the property market.

Her knowledge and expertise is second to none and very much appreciated.

Highly recommend using Melinda!

Claire Ernst