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Finance & Mortgage Broker Torquay

Torquay’s Reliable Mortgage Broker That Maximises Savings

The demand for housing in Torquay is constantly on the rise, driven by a combination of sea-changers, retirees, and young families looking for a relaxed beachside lifestyle. This process has resulted in limited supply, high buyer competition, and rising property prices. But with Thrive Financial Situations, you can rest assured knowing you have dependable mortgage broker assistance in Torquay by your side.

Aligning Your Finance Goals with The Right Mortgage Broker

At Thrive Financial Solutions, we hold the belief that each client possesses unique financial needs. That’s why we offer customised mortgage solutions tailored to meet your requirements. Our experienced mortgage broker in Torquay will assess your financial situation, provide expert advice, and work with you to find suitable loan options from our panel of lenders. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer looking to upgrade or refinance an existing loan, we have a range of resources to guide you.

Trusted Mortgage Broker in Torquay

An adept mortgage broker by your side can pave the way for what may be the most significant investment of your life. As your local mortgage broker in Torquay, we work with complex lending structures to simplify the process for you as much as possible. Whether you are a home buyer planning for refinance or construction loans, our team of dedicated brokers have the expertise to suit your needs.

Full-Service Finance Broker in Torquay

Our proficient and esteemed finance broker in Torquay offers various available sources, ensuring a seamless finance process for you. We have expertise in complex lending requirements and tailor a financial plan that fits your situation without adjustments.

Expert Mortgage Loan Broker in Torquay

We, as experts in mortgage loans in Torquay, understand that a mortgage involves a long-term financial commitment. We guide you through the process to help you make informed decisions that match your financial situation and goals of owning a home. While the journey may seem complex, our team can unravel the mortgage maze for you with the proper knowledge and guidance.

Home Loan Broker in Torquay

When you’re searching for a home, the mortgage process might feel stressful and confusing, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. Therefore, at Thrive Financial Solutions, we perform as your ideal home loan broker in Torquay who is willing to assist you in quickly navigating the process. With our professional guidance, we can help you secure the best home loan that fits your budget and financial goals.

Investment Loan Broker in Torquay

With over years of expertise, our creditable investment loan broker in Torquay is remarkable for upfront fees, prompt payments and fast closing times. Working with our team allows you to reap the benefits of our strong networks and skills. We provide essential guidance on various financial products to build a trustworthy partnership within the industry and lead you toward success.

Dedicated Car Loan Broker in Torquay

Our skilled car loan broker in Torquay understands that many individuals overspend on their new vehicles. Therefore, as your reliable partners, we are dedicated to expanding our reach in the market and forging connections to guard the most attractive discounted rates available, ensuring a wide array of choices for securing a great deal on your desired car.

Simplify the Journey From House Hunter to Homeowner with a Professional Mortgage Broker in Torquay

Looking to invest but unsure where to start? Our experienced mortgage broker assistance in Torquay can provide expert guidance in finding the best mortgage deals for you.

Make wise financial choices and spare yourself from the confusion of sorting through numerous options with our dependable services. We uphold transparency and customer satisfaction as our core values, aiming to transform your path from house hunter to homeowner into a hassle-free journey.

Connect with Thrive Financial Solutions today and take the first step towards a successful journey.

How We Can Help…


We help you shop through all the home loan options on the market and work out which one is the best deal for you to achieve your homeowner dreams.

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You’ve found that perfect investment property and need to figure out all the complicated bits and how to make it work for you. We’ve got you covered.

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Need to fix the fixer-upper? Build the new what’s-it-called? Replace the bright pink tiles and brown bath in the house?

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Sometimes loans stop working for you, and other times, debts might be stacking up into an unmanageable pile. We help you find a better deal.

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Banks make it notoriously difficult for you to borrow when you work for yourself. They’re just jealous. We explore your options and see the person behind the numbers.

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Life happens. And sometimes when it does, it takes your car or financial security away (or both!). Buying your first car or upgrading to something more modern is an exciting experience!.

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Sick of paying a mortgage at your age? Want to enjoy the things you’ve spent your entire life earning? Find out how to access your property’s equity and not have to pay a cent.

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There’s a light at the end of the tunnel for you and your finances. Growing debt doesn’t have to mean a financial death sentence. Consider us your new money personal trainer.

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Don’t waste hours filtering through thousands of the “BEST DEALS EVER!” when it comes to your everyday utilities. We’ll provide the best options for you.

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Karen & David Stephenson

I would recommend Melinda to assist anybody in getting help with their finances. My husband and I had banked with Westpac for 25 years. We were loyal customers and any financial decisions we made was with their help. We purchased our first 2 homes with them. Imagine our surprise when we decided to build our forever home, and they decided to say no to the finance. We were devastated as we had plans of buying out dream block of land and building our dream home. We went back to our builder to let them know that sadly we wouldn’t be building as we couldn’t get the finance. He suggested we contact Melinda as our broker (I had never heard of a broker before). We contacted Melinda and she eased our minds straight away. She looked at the figures and said she couldn’t understand that we were knocked back with Westpac. With no effort on our behalf Melinda, not only got the finance for the land but she got us the finance for our dream home as well. It was the easiest financial decision we have ever made and there was no pressure at all. I would always go to Melinda for any future financial decisions because of her dedication in giving us relevant information and direction.

Home Buyers/Construction

Troy Dunbier

Having dealt with Melinda Mahon for more than 7 years, I have found her to be a person of great character. She is very easy to talk to, being able to convey information in a straightforward and friendly manner, simplifying the somewhat complex jargon often used in the process of buying and/or selling a house. Melinda has assisted me on at least 11 occasions, relating to the purchase and sale of properties. Each time, she has consistently kept me informed of the progress of each transaction, displaying a high level of professionalism throughout. Furthermore, she has always been more than willing to provide me with additional assistance, long after the settlement date of each purchased property. This has taken the form of liaising with the relevant financiers, for instance, to arrange fixed interest rate terms, as well as providing me with various forms of advice concerning home loans. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending Melinda to anyone wishing to engage the services of a Mortgage Broker (and have, in fact, done so on numerous occasions, previously)

Serial Investor

Renae Scholte

We’ve used Melinda for both a home loan and a car loan now and I can say that her advice and support has been absolutely invaluable. She was such an amazing support to us through the whole process and went above and beyond to keep in touch and ensure everything was on track. We also ended up with 2 loans that we are super happy with. I couldn’t recommend Melinda highly enough.

Home and new car purchase

Lee Mullenger

Melinda goes above and beyond. I had the privilege of having Melinda secure my home loan 6 years ago and now that I have had the expertise from Melinda again to secure an investment property. There is nothing this woman can’t do. Highly recommend her to everyone.

Home and Investment

Kate Herford

Amazing service!! I received a phone call to say my loans were reviewed so I could save on interest. Yes is the answer.


Ann Sansom

Melinda was great to deal with. Very quick & thorough & great advice about going forward from where we are now. Thanks.